A delicious new way to celebrate breakfast!

  • We don't make Bee's Knees Granola on an assembly line. Every ingredient is carefully sourced, skilfully mixed and lovingly baked at home.

  • We take great care and pride in the process and have certificates to prove it
  • Some say the organic apple syrup from our own orchard makes the difference. Or is it the array of other exotic fruit? Or the healthy seeds? We have our own ideas. But we would love to know what YOU think.

  • Bee's Knees Granola is created in the picturesque Kentish village of Little Chart where H E Bates wrote the "Darling Buds of May".
  • It is sold in a number of excellent local farm shops and is available at  important London venues including Barnes Farmers Market 
  • BEES KNEES GRANOLA at ETSY bees knees granola 1 Bees Knees Granola with Kent apples Bees Knees Granola waiting to go BEES KNEES GRANOLA factory - my Aga!
  • You can also buy Bee's Knees Granola online in our dedicated ETSY shop
  • .....or find us at Yumbles

  • Bee's Knees Granola, in distinctive packs, is developing a devoted band of followers
  • We proudly supply- winners of the 2015 BBC Food and Farming Awards in the category "Best New Food Initiative"
  • We are on Twitter  Facebook and YouTube 

  • If you would like to talk to us, order some direct or simply try one of our granolas we will happily send a free sample! Please contact us: